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Respect for the Centuries of Experimentation

Lightning is dedicated to exploring and perfecting the classic craft beer styles that master brewers have been calibrating for centuries. We’re proud to reach these artistic goals, and extend them further, not only with clear scientific reasoning and methods, but with gratitude to the generations of brewers who’ve come before us.

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The finest ingredients from Europe, England and the US

Achieving classic craft flavors involves painstaking selection from among the various strains of yeast, hops and grains from all over the world. Our lager beers are made with yeast that is a hybridization of a strain 17th Century explorers brought from Patagonia’s mountains and a European variety. Our German-style Elemental Pilsner, on the other hand, contains only pure lager yeast. We take the same care selecting our grains and hops. We get our grains, hops and yeast from as close by as Orange County and as far as Germany.

Painstaking lagering and fermentation evoke the finest flavors

Where other craft breweries speed up their maturation and intensify flavors by using additives, Lightning gives beer the time it takes to develop these distinctive notes . . . naturally. Our infinite patience results in flavors our fans tell us they never imagined could be in a beer. Lightning trods the hard road, choosing the most difficult fermentation and lagering processes because it’s so much more satisfying to be great than to be fast. Crazy, yes, but crazy with great craft beer in mind!

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Visit Our Tasting RoomThu 3-7p | Fri/Sat 1–7p | Sun 1–5p
Phone: 858-513-8071
Visit Our Tasting RoomThu 3-7p | Fri/Sat 1–7p | Sun 1–5p
Visit Our Tasting RoomThu 3-7p | Fri/Sat 1–7p | Sun 1–5p
Visit Our Tasting RoomThu 3-7p | Fri/Sat 1–7p | Sun 1–5p