Old Tempestuous Ale

Beer Information:

First Release Date, March 2007
Availability, draft and 22 fl.oz bottles
Alcohol Content / ABV, 9%

Serving Suggestions:

Serve in a brandy snifter as warm as you like. 55F or “cellar temperature” works well.

We Like to Pair Lightning’s Old Tempestuous Ale with:

  • Pork loin, chops and sausage
  • Wild salmon
  • Rock cod
  • Cheese plate
  • Desserts like apple cake, apple pie


Best in Show, Gold, California State Beer Commercial Craft Beer Competition
Silver, Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition
Bronze, San Diego International Beer Festival


Winter Warmer Old Tempestuous Pushes the Limits to Achieve the British Old Ale Style

A connoisseur’s beer, Old Tempestuous Ale took the California State Fair Commercial Craft Beer Competition Best in Show award after winning the Gold in its category and besting 60 other gold medal category winners. This UK strong ale combines traditionally perfected warm fermentation with our own innovative malty roast, yielding a bold aroma of sherry and dried fruit. A rich and spicy character follows with the smoothness of toffee, masking the generous alcohol content to become tempestuously hearty yet gently warming. A thin, off-white head tops an unfiltered ruby-gold brew. Delectable right now, this ale’s subtle complexities are further enhanced with age.


“This beer was very well crafted with a combination of a deep, complex malting, light grassy hops with a fruity and ester character seen in prime examples.  These characters balance well in this beer to enhance enjoyment.  I also noted a nice balancing of sherry, raisins, and other dried fruits.  Very well done and rarely seen.”

“This really tastes wonderful.  The complex flavors perfectly complement the heaviness and sweetness; it’s a big bastard at 9%, and a perfect beer for a hazy day.  I’m definitely cellaring this one.”


The Science Behind “Best in Show” Lightning Old Tempestuous Ale

Dedicated keeping our Old Ale as close to its original form as designed by British brewers, we take the time and spend the money to get every ingredient right. We harden our water for Old Tempestuous Ale it to the level of the well water at the Burton-on-Trent region of the UK. There, the water naturally percolates through chalk deposits to become high in calcium and sulfate, two minerals that help yeast maintain good health. While hard water gets a bad rap as drinking water, it creates Old Ales with far better flavors than “soft” water.
We also import UK hops for flavoring and aroma and use just one strain of UK ale yeast. To get the more estery character into the beer, we ferment at a slightly higher temperature. Finally, a longer fermentation time allows for the development of dried fruit, sherry and port wine notes that characterize this beer.


Hard Work and Quality Ingredients Win . . . Just Look at Lightning Old Tempestuous Ale!

None of the steps above save us money, produce more beer quicker, or appeal to every beer drinker. But they do yield amazing flavors that connoisseurs rave about and beer judges recognize. As we mention on the first page of this site, our processes may seem extreme, but the creation of great, artisanal beer styles requires every painstaking step.
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Visit Our Tasting RoomWed-Sat 12-7p
Sun 12–5p
Last call
30 min prior to close
Phone: 858-513-8071
Visit Our Tasting RoomWed 12-7p | Sun 12–5p
Last call 30 min prior to close
Phone: 858-513-8071
Visit Our Tasting RoomWed-Sat 12-7p | Sun 12–5p
Last call 30 min prior to close
Phone: 858-513-8071